PV investments

The investment concept is based on cooperation and is addressed to private and institutional Investors interested in investing in PV farm projects developed by SUNVEST. Cooperation with us offers the opportunity to invest in well-prepared investment with a return rate of 8-12%.


Description of the project

The investment involved taking up shares in a SPV incorporated in order to construct one 1 MW solar power plant in the turnkey model. The Investor has became the proprietor of the solar power plant, and obtains financial benefits in the form of dividends during the entire period of exploitation, or from the sale of the Investment at a profit to third parties.

Background information:

Location: Tykocin municipality.

Lot size: 2 ha.

Valid building permit: yes.

Commencement of construction: August 2020.

Completion of works: November 2020.


– photovoltaic panels;

– inverters;

– transformer station;

– structure.

Sales of produced energy:

– PPA (contracting).

Key investment factors:

  • Passive form of income;
  • Return on invested capital in a relatively short time;
  • Business based on shares in a company; Shares are inherited; can be sold or donated;
  • Tax optimization mechanism;
  • Increasing prices and electricity demand;
  • Business that can operate for decades;
  • Increasing legal requirements of the EU considering the level of production of energy from renewable sources;
  • Impact on environment protection, air quality, reduction of energy prices in the country, and the improvement of its energy security.


Investment documents


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