Description of the investment

An investment in photovoltaic power plants consists in taking up shares in a special purpose vehicle established to build and then operate a photovoltaic power plant.


Taking into account the high level of energy prices and low operating costs, investing in a photovoltaic power plant is an attractive investment deposit for Investors who at the same time want to take advantage of the chance to save the environment.

Photovoltaic power plants are environmentally friendly because they use cheap and emission-free technology to generate energy from the sun. Photovoltaic power plants enjoy a good image, but above all they generate long-term high profits, with the highest level of reliability and investment security.

The investor will not be involved in the operational management of the company.

Investor's profitability

Example calculation of the Investor's profitability*

Capital expenditures
PLN 4 200 000
The power of a photovoltaic farm
1 MW
Energy selling price
PLN 550/MWh
PV farm revenues in the first year
PLN 605 000
Energy sales model
Price based on DAM quotations - Day-Ahead Market on PPE (Polish Power Exchange)
Investor's gross profitability

    * Calculation details in the Investment Agreement

Cooperation model

Device Sunvest offers the Investor a common investment in the construction of a turnkey photovoltaic power plant. Starting from the selection of the location, through the process of obtaining approvals and administrative decisions, design work, construction and operation of the project, including monitoring and maintenance, our experience in project management saves money. investor's time and ensure choosing a safe and profitable investment in RES.

Sunvest presents the Investor with several ready-made projects of photovoltaic power plants to choose from. From among these projects, the investor chooses the location of the investment.

    In the next step, the Investor/Investors and Sunvest sign investment agreement and establish a special purpose vehicle in which:

  • The investor/investors acquires 90% of shares in the special purpose vehicle
  • Sunvest acquires 10% of shares in the special purpose vehicle

The special purpose vehicle acquires a selected photovoltaic power plant project,

The special purpose vehicle builds and operates a photovoltaic power plant, generating profits that are distributed to the owners. The rules for financing the construction are included in the Investment Agreement and the SPV Agreement.

Due to the scale of investment outlays, we would like to inform you that the minimum threshold for the Investor's entry into the construction of a photovoltaic power plant is PLN 500,000.

Life stages of an investment project

As part of cooperation with the Investor, Sunvest is responsible for all processes related to the implementation of a joint investment in a photovoltaic power plant.

Project development

  • Selection of the location for the project, analysis of the profitability of investing in a given location,
  • Obtaining rights to land for the future PV farm,
  • Obtaining an environmental decision,
  • Obtaining a decision on building conditions (if there is no Local Spatial Development Plan),
  • Obtaining the connection conditions for the PV farm and signing the agreement for connecting it to the power grid.

Implementation of the project

  • Prepar a construction documentation and obtaining a building permition,
  • Agreeing on the connection route to the PV farm's connection point to the power grid,
  • Selection of the general contractor for the construction of a PV farm,
  • Investor's supervision over the construction solar farm and connection to the power grid,
  • Determining the conditions for the sale of electricity,
  • Final acceptance of the installation by the energy operator,
  • Generation and sale of electricity.

Project exploitation

  • Maintaining the efficiency of a photovoltaic power plant during its operation,
  • Obtaining the best selling prices for electricity,
  • Financial monitoring and reporting results to owners,
  • Managing of the company.

Investment time frame

Incomes of sale electricity

The sales model of electricity generated in a photovoltaic power plant is based on day-ahead (day-ahead market) electricity prices obtained on the Polish Power Exchange (PPE).

Below electricity prices DAM (PLN/MWh) - data from the PPE website (POLISH POWER EXCHANGE)

TGeBASE_WAvg − corresponds to the volume-weighted average day-ahead market price, published by POLPX in monthly trade reports and concerning trading in a given month on the basis of transactions on hourly DAM instruments for individual hours of electricity supply in a given month.

Estimated operating costs of a photovoltaic power plant

Estimated operating costs are about PLN 100,000 net per year per 1MW. These costs are:

  • Cost of leasing a property,
  • Building tax,
  • Property tax,
  • Insurance,
  • Costs of technical inspections of the farm, including module cleaning,
  • Lawn mowing costs,
  • Company administrative costs.

Benefits for the Investor from cooperation with Sunvest

  • As a shareholder, Sunvest is guided by the long-term interest of the company's shareholders,
  • The investor is not involved in running operational matters in the company, these matters are handled by Sunvest,
  • Economies of scale, Sunvest negotiates on behalf of the entire group of special purpose vehicles operating photovoltaic power plants to obtain the best electricity sales prices,
  • Sunvest optimizes the operating costs of photovoltaic power plants,
  • Sunvest offers to Investors new projects.

Benefits of investing in photovoltaic power plants

An investment in a photovoltaic power plant ensures long-term, stable and predictable income from the sale of electricity generated from solar energy. Photovoltaic power plants produce energy for a period of 29 years, which means that solar energy can provide owners of photovoltaic power plants with a guaranteed income that will not be retained in the company for the purpose of renewing worn-out equipment.

Device Low operating costs result from the maintenance-free operation of photovoltaic power plants and the use of modern, proven technologies. Photovoltaic cells made of good quality components have 25 years warranty.

The power plant is built quickly, the construction period usually takes less than 6 months.

The modularity of the photovoltaic power plant allows for flexible design of the PV farm tailored to the conditions in a given geographical location.

Benefits for the environment and the economy

    • Photovoltaic power plants are an important element of the policy related to the protection environment, increasing renewable energy sources in the energy mix reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere,
    • Landowners acquire the possibility of earning on the leased property, long-term lease agreement and indexed rental income for many years can be passed down from generation to generation along with the land,
    • Device
    • The land intended for farms is mineral land, these are weak and weakest soils, with a low valuation class: IV, V, VI and wastelands, therefore they are not suitable for agricultural production,
    • Photovoltaic power plants generate much less environmental impact than other renewable energy technologies such as anaerobic digestion and wind turbines. They can also be sheltered by fences or hedges and do not emit noise. Operation and maintenance as well as security can be monitored remotely,
    • The photovoltaic industry contributes to job creation and supports local economy,
    • Photovoltaic cells produce for a very long time energy from an infinite, like on a human scale, source of solar radiation,
    • Electricity is obtained without the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere (dust, chemical compounds),
    • It is estimated that every 1,000 kWh of energy from photovoltaics reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 812 kg per year,
    • Photovoltaic cells are safe, they do not produce waste.

What does a photovoltaic power plant consist of?

  • Photovoltaic modules,
  • DC/AC inverter,
  • Support structures digged to the ground,
  • DC installation,
  • AC installation,
  • Transformer station,
  • MV-15kV cable connection,
  • Shock and surge protection,
  • CCTV video surveillance,
  • Lighting,
  • Fencing of the photovoltaic farm area,

Photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaic cells are electrical devices in which, using the photoelectric effect, there is a direct conversion of light energy into electricity.

DC/AC inverter

An inverter is a power device used to convert direct current obtained from photovoltaic cells into sinusoidal alternating current with the parameters of the power grid to which it is connected.

Support structures digged to the ground

System for mounting photovoltaic modules, set directly in the ground.

DC installation

Wiring in the DC part (connection of photovoltaic modules to each other and connection of strings of modules to the inverter).

AC installation

The cable lines from the inverters are connected to the transformer station.

Transformer station

Container transformer station in a concrete casing
Medium voltage switchgear MV-15 kV
LV switchgear - 0.8 kV
MV/LV transformer
System for measuring electricity
Station grounding

MV-15kV cable connection

Documentation of the MV-15 kV cable connection made according to a separate study in agreement with the power grid operator.

Shock and surge protection

Protective grounding is used to protect against electric shock in the MV wires.
Electric shock protection against indirect contact of the designed generating equipment is implemented by using the main equipotential bonding of all conductive parts.

CCTV video surveillance

In the area of the photovoltaic farm, video surveillance poles with cameras installed in IP technology are designed.


Lighting poles with mounted LED lamps.

Fencing of the photovoltaic farm area

Mesh fence and entrance gate